Make your own Paint by Numbers!

333787878You can go to to find the instructions on how to make your very own paint by numbers art work.  Here are a few examples to show how you might want your painting to appear.    You have the option of printing on art paper or canvas then paint away!

il_430xN.72673985Original photograph

il_430xN.72673985oooPaint by numbers pattern

lesliethomson6999Original photograph – (image – leslie thompson flickr)

lesliethomson7Paint by number pattern

You can take any photograph and you decide how detailed you want the image.  Happy Painting everyone!

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13 responses to “Make your own Paint by Numbers!

  1. Very cool, but I still want a Dali. And if I can design my own, I wouldn’t mind doing my living room ceiling up as the Sistine Chapel. Maybe a Rembrandt on one wall, and a maybe an Edgar Degas on another. The possibilities are endless!!

  2. Yes! You’re absolutely right, the possibilities are endless….now lets get to paintin! HeHe!


  3. Hey Miss Vicki!
    Late, I’m beyond tired – so brief.

    ReadWritePoem prompt. I just read this one and could hardly not have thought of you, my Miss Painter too! You go see for yourself.

    • What a sweet poem by Mallery. Thank you for sharing.
      You do sound tired…Please get some rest my friend!
      Always glad to have you stop by !

  4. Thank you 25!! Appreciate that! Now you need to go and make your very own paint by numbers! LOL

  5. seanfraser

    That’s great Vicki, I’m going to try that.

  6. this would be great for kids too. I’d never thought of using photoshop for that.

  7. My son would have so much fun. Never thought about doing that with my Photoshop.

    • Hey Suzette!
      Yes, I think its a wonderful way to teach kids about colors and contrast and highlights in painting!

      Thanks so much so stopping by! Happy Painting!

  8. Alright my Miss Vicki, I’m back, again! You know, I do check up on you. Slightly quiet yourself?

    Don’t know much what I have to contribute, painting by the numbers dear. However, when now does that much stop me anyway!

    I did go to that website you suggested, and I’m feeling very small again (briefly) because there’s just so much to be interested in and do. Could I maybe be five again? Back in my hat and sheriff’s badge? A whole world to taste! Thanks for that sense again. And you did give me an idea for some drawings/illustrations I’d like to do with the computer here – which here-to-date have eluded me. I know how to use my hands, but not a mouse drawing-wise.

    However too, I am at peace, if busy all the same, as writing has taken on so much more presence in my life – more than ever before. Writing and reading and learning again! A part of me I am glad to grow.

    And I still like, adore, artists who choose to paint their canvas, and themselves!

  9. Just me. Just checking in. It matters, but also it don’t, whether you’ve got a new post or not. And please, you know, take that in the best possible meaning meant! You like to walk in the rain? Big fluffy rainy things headed my way, by Tuesday they say. Actually I love a good storm! That being one that thrashes about, but harms no one.

    And I’ll take that any day over some people whom always seem to be themselves raining in a way.

    You give good shelter to that kind. My daily thanks!

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