Pumpkins, Sunflowers and Wild Berries!

HollyMCCaigAs the crisp cool days of autumn signal the leaves to change and ripen all the pumpkin vines for picking,   I set out to collect a harvest of sunflowers, berries , pumpkins , fall leaves and  wild vines to make my annual holiday wreath.

(image- Holly McCraig)

2269786076_c0c7556073I typically begin with a simple circular dried wild vine.  You can find these at any hobby store or florist.  You can also build a wreath from compressed hay or styrofoam.

simoneladybugIf you only want to use dried fall leaves or silk  leaves you can simply hot glue them onto this compressed hay wreath.   (image – simonladybug flickr)

SweetMorselWild Berries add so much color to a wreath!  

(image – Sweet Morsel Flickr)

autumn-wreaths-made-with-leaves-by-LollyKnitHoliday Wreaths have become a beautiful tradition to welcome guests into our homes.   Wreaths have a long history dating back to the ancient cultures of  Rome and Greece.  The Greeks called them diadems ,  meaning “a thing bound around” .   They worn bans of fabric to symbolize royalty .   The Romans wore oak leaf garlands around their heads to exhibit honor.  It has been suggested they would hang such wreaths of honor on the walls of their homes.  No one knows when the transition to the door wreath came about , but it has now become a wonderful holiday tradition !

absoluteequine3The warm inviting colors of a holiday wreath become a cheerful welcome to visitors on a chilly autumn day!

absoluteeqineJust by mixing a couple elements with a leaf garland and berries makes for a very dramatic statement on the white barn door.

(image – absolute equine flickr)

2988739731_5ac07ac746I love the simplicity of this berry vine wreath on the blue door!

Cup.of.joThis window wreath is a creative way to highlight your interior fall decorations!

13556Sunflowers add a whimsical element to any fall wreath!

katyDried flowers and dried corn look great on this eggplant painted door!

(image – katy flickr)

davidyungThis homemade wreath made from leaves in the yard add a very personal welcoming touch!

(image – david yung flickr)

jennadesignsFeathers can be used to add a bit of texture and sophistication!

(image- Jenna Designs )

kathybeymerThis wreath is contemporary and original !  Polaroid fall photos glued on to a styrofoam fabric covered wreath mold.

(image – Kathy Beymer)

NCBrianI especially  love the drama of the vibrant fall colors on this black front door!

(image – NC Brian flickr)

autumn-wreath-ENTERT1106-deHoliday Wreaths are not just for the front door they look fabulous over the fireplace mantel !

AUTUMN 02If you want to add drama to your fall table settings place a wreath around the chandelier !

mezzalunaA wreath can be monochromatic like this yellow masterpiece!

(image – mezzaluna )

klg1309flickrThese deep purple berries make the fall leaves pop on this rustic wreath!

jeepinpixieKeep in mind the color of your door , window or shutter when making a wreath.  This is a nice example of mixing colors with the teal shutter.

suzanneduda4Whatever you make , enjoy the process!

(image – Suzanne Duda)

bkwdaytonAnd remember its your welcoming sign to your home!!!  Enjoy!

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11 responses to “Pumpkins, Sunflowers and Wild Berries!

  1. Can’t have a welcome wreath without saying hello!

    Me, I’m perhaps hopelessly earthbound to the browns where I live. I love the brown dried leaf wreath on the red door. And maybe is it’s a harvest thing, but I’ve also only begun a fascination with wheat and all the woven shapes, tokens, they make with that. (Almost bought one once for my over crowded home, then thought long-term it was gonna be most appreciated by the spiders as their brand new home!) (No offense dear spiders, but don’t wanna make it quite that easy.)

    Your friend at the door.

  2. My friend, there will always be a welcome wreath for you…without the spiders of course!!!

  3. seanfraser

    I’m going to try and gather leaves to do a dead leaf wreath and I’ll also try one of images I’ve taken…..I’ll become all crafty…..

  4. A few years ago when I had more time, I created a fall wreath from Raffia ribbon and pine cones. We picked the cones up when we would take our walks in the mountains and I wove the raffia through the pine cones and spread it out here and there. I loved that wreath and had it for several years until it disintegrated. I wish I had time to make another one or even to take the walks in the mountains and pick up the pine cones.

  5. That sounds wonderful Claire! I wish you had more time to do both! Its fun to make something out of things you find along the way! Thank you for sharing hun!

  6. The white barn door! Love it.
    Not many trees here to gather from, I might just have to buy mine to gaze at it and smile oft and on.
    But pretty they are, oh, pretty please! :)

  7. Great photos, I was making one for my door…..then my 13 month old daughter saw it while I was on the phone. We’ll just have to keep looking at the pics you posted now, LOL.


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