Feast on Thankfulness!

The seasonal tradition of gathering around the table at Thanksgiving becomes a bountiful harvest of love, family , friends and food!  This year plan ahead and set your table to show off all that yummy goodness!

The simplicity of an occasional pumpkin on the table and a napkin tied with rafia will set the tone for any Thanksgiving meal.

Candles are always a plus on any table setting!

By adding a  bright orange fabric runner on the table adds a lot of drama to your meal!

This is a beautiful example of a buffet style table setting! (image:Country Living)

I love the simple styling of these pumpkins.  It adds a lot of color and drama and isn’t hard on the budget!

This is easy to do!  Hand painted candle sticks from a local hobby store!

You can achieve this custom look by going to Wal Mart.  They are selling leaf plates in the holiday section of the store!

This is a great time to show case unusual antique silver !

When you have a large group in your home its nice for the guest to find where to sit by simply placing name tags about each plate!

More than any other season the grocery store is a great source for designing a beautiful table!

Here is an example of a more contemporary design.

This is my personal favorite!  I love the square orange glass plate and a simple pear for color! This is very sophisticated!

If the weather is nice then take the party outside!

Orange and gold are not the only colors for fall.  I love these white pumpkins and off white candles!

For a more casual setting use place mats!

You can never go wrong with a clean white table cloth!

The grey charger plate adds just the right balance for all the warms colors of Thanksgivng!

However you set your table this Thanksgiving!  Enjoy and save room for desert!


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16 responses to “Feast on Thankfulness!

  1. All the photos you found were phenomenal. You just made me so jealous though. No thanksgiving for me for the second year in a row. I can’t even buy a turkey here much less any of the side dishes. But I’m getting my revenge by spending 2 weeks in London/Paris/London. Thankfully (get it?) my wife’s parents live 20 minutes outside of Heathrow airport, so we can take a 4 day side trip into Paris so cheaply and easily.

  2. Scott,
    You do know that if you were in the States you would be welcome at our table any day! But! I do have to say London/Paris/London is an excellent way to forget your turkey blues!
    We miss ya kid! Come home sometime…will ya!
    Love ya and thanks for stopping by!!

  3. Wow, my table won’t look that good! We are having lots of aunts, cousins and parents to our home. We all voted to not have Turkey. I am making a huge prime rib (one of my specialties). I wanted to set table with every place setting different since I have a large collection of single place settings from photo shoot props. I was over ridden on that one. Next year! Have a great Thanksgiving Vicki!

  4. I actually like the “different” table setting concept~ I’ve seen it done before and it looks kewl !

    Gosh, Prime rib sounds so good right now~

    Please give my very best to the fam…love them all !
    And especially for Uncle Dick! Hope he feels better very soon! He’s in our prayers.

    You have a blessed Thanksgiving hun! Love you so much and miss you lil brother!

  5. If you hear someone knocking at the door – it might just be me! All beautiful, but I confess a fondness for that table set outside on the lawn! Weather permitting, although I wonder just how many places would allow for that. Not here, certainly. Big storms, big winds. But maybe when I get back home. (A secret though, since I’ll be away from here, we did our Thanksgiving already, two days ago. And it was great.)

    And if I don’t make the table there, remember please, you are one of those people I am so thankful for in my life. You and all of yours!
    – Your friend, Neil

  6. As far as table settings I liked the more formal one…but my “most” favorite of the photos is the table outside….I love the country style setting!!!

    Hun , you can knock on my door anytime…you my dear friend would always be welcome in my home!
    I too am grateful for your wonderful loving heart!

    Glad to know you’re having a good time! Hurry safely home!
    Love and Hugs!

  7. Now I do feel enthused with such warmth inside:) Lovely images Vicki…and such great ideas!
    Here’s what I would vote for:
    1. Table set up – out in the greens, amidst tall swaying trees.
    2. Singular tableware pcs, no sets. Yeah that’s exactly what my pantry is like, and I love it!:)
    3. Image#6: the pumpkins with flowers! I adore them!

    Much love..and happy happy thanksgiving to you all!

  8. Ahhh thanks Juicer Girly!!!!

    I think the outdoor photo is going to be a blogger family favorite!!

    Much love to you too my darling friend!
    And you have a Happy Thanksgiving as well!


  9. I like ‘country’ I hear there’s a huge prime rib over at timms…I like the sound of that.

  10. Looks like the country style feast is the winner! I’ll set the table, we’ll sit outside and have Timm’s prime rib!!
    Perfect! I can only imagine how much fun our little sweet blogger family would have together! Maybe someday!
    Love ya!


  11. I want to come too. When my husbands grandmother was alive, we always had Thanksgiving at her house. Technically, in her yard because she had twelve children and they all had children and many of them had children. Plus, it’s usually about 75 outside on Thanksgiving.

  12. It would be perfect since you are a TREE!!! Yes, I’m hoping for the day we can all meet at a banquet table!

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving hun!

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