Calling all Fashionista’s !!

For you ladies out there wondering what to wear  this Fall Season all you need to do is look outside!  All the warm colors of autumn  are “In” !  There is a color for every woman!

Every shade of Burnt Orange to Bright Orange is a wonderful choice this season ! Especially something to think about wearing for Thanksgiving!

You’ll be extra warm in this Orange Wool Coat!

This Orange Jacket gets cooled off by these great mustard green pants!

Dark Eggplant to deep purple hues make a wonderful color to wear for Fall and Winter!

I think this purple coat is so stylish!

Dark opaque hose are a must! They come in every color right now!

Teal Blue’s mixed with Harvest Gold colors!  A beautiful combination!

Emerald Green and Kelly Greens are a must in your wardrobe!

You can purchase Vibrant Kelly Green coats at Old Navy right now! Very fashionable and reasonably priced!

The classic Navy Blue has become the new Black!

Inspiration is just beyond your own yard!!

Enjoy! Have a wonder Fall Fashion Season and a Happy Thanksgiving!!

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16 responses to “Calling all Fashionista’s !!

  1. What no advice for the men? Thank God I have 20 plain white t-shirts.

  2. HaHaHa! That’s so funny you should say that, I thought about including men, but thought they wouldn’t take it seriously! Maybe that’s because I have to “style” my husband’s wardrobe… he’s clueless and has as many blue shirts to your white!

    Always good to see you …and by the way…you look great in your Florida style white linen shirts!


  3. Oh, I wore fall today: dark green top, brown skirt and reddish boots.

    But the teals and purple here are to die for.

    • Pamela! Don’t you just love all those luscious jewel tones! I can totally see you in the purple/eggplant colors with your gorgeous hair!!!
      Personally I’m really into the Teal/Peacock blues!!!

      Thanks for stopping y hun!

  4. I love fall colors. I wear them all year. Greens, purples, teal, browns, oranges. It’s the whole tree thing ;)

  5. LOL! Oh my little Claire Tree! I love it! I can see you in all those fabulous leaf colors!

    Good to see you!!1


  6. Great mood board! I have that teal blue fur scarf! Yay! Ah, and I need some burnt orange in my wardrobe…will go so well with my greys.
    The first image is to die for! Perfect hues, retro chic feel, and I want that telefono!!:)

  7. HaHa! I want that phone too!!! You can buy one very similar to it at the store Anthropologie! Its orange and its awesome!
    I can totally see that teal scarf on you! You’re such a little creative fashionista!

    As always love having you stop by!!!


  8. Angie

    ok, girl, NOW WERE TALKING! I love the Michael Kors orange fur coat! Great pics as always…..

    • Who doesn’t love Michael Kors? Good eye Angie!
      Glad you enjoyed the post! I actually thought of you ! Cause you’re our lil Fashionista!!!

      Love ya hun!

  9. I guess I am going have channel Tim Gunn to say anything meaningful. I guess I’ll just hang out with Scott.

  10. FJ!!!
    Is this weird, but Brent and I love Tim Gunn?

    Thanks for stopping by!

    See you soon!

  11. love that cute green coat with eight buttons

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